Mr President:

I write to you about a grave reality. You need to listen because I believe you don’t realize the severity of this problem. Because of your actions, I believe your life is at risk, not just as other Presidents have had risks, but a much higher vulnerably. Many persons are enraged about your policies and actions. Your list of negatives is long and deep rooted, with the upcoming DACA issue at the forefront.

Your declaration to deport at least hundreds of thousands but up to 3.87 million DACA persons as reported by Fact on January 22, 2018 will negatively affect not only those individuals but separate families and cause widespread upheaval to the lives of so many.  I personally think that for each DACA individual deported, at least 38 persons (immediate and extended family–16, friends–10, neighbors–10, employers–2) will be adversely affected in significantly negative ways.  That could be up to 147 million persons, nearly half of our total population.  All those who will be affected and those who are sympathetic to their cause are enraged.  I know I used that term before but it is well worth repeating.  When you add the vast amount of negative sentiment towards you regarding many other issues, the issue of DACA could be the catalyst of attacks on you.

The backlash to your DACA action has enraged the public, regardless of race, gender, religion, orientation, education and politics. This is not meant to be a challenge to you, nor a threat, but to simply give you a sense of vulnerably of your reality. You live in a confined world, sheltered, surrounded by staff and your family, not attached to the country and I realize that staying in that fantasy is easier than not.