We all have aspects to our character makeup and there are many different aspects.  Today I mention cynicism.  As in most character aspects, too much or too more is usually not desirable.  I possess cynicism, but I hope in a right proportion.  Today a post was made on Facebook that gave an election date of March 13th instead of today, January 23rd.  The priority issue was voting and I wanted to make sure the correct date was posted.  I asked that person to research and announce the correct date, which was today, before it was too late.  At that point, there were probably six hours left before the polls closed.

    To go forward as we think about both the 2018 midterm elections and 2020 elections and on, we need to vote in office persons who possess many positive attributes.  Today the attribute was about character, not in the sense of how popular but of the overall balance of character.  It’s okay to be cynical, strong, trustworthy, responsible, sympathetic, polite, brave, reverent, loyal, honest, and fair to name a few, but it’s important to have balance, or in the norm of human behavior.

    People that work together, in the context of the positive human behavior will act in ways that will produce more and better results.  This could be the way our country can be successful.

    This should give you some idea about me and how I would lead our country should you choose me for your President in 2020.