Meet Fred Wiand

Starting in Springfield and Merion, two towns just outside Philadelphia, Pennsylvania I attended school and graduated from Lower Merion High School.  Then off to college.  I graduated from Ursinus College with a Bachelor of Science degree in Mathematics.  The following summer I was off to Officers Training School at Lackland Air Force Base in San Antonio.  I ended up in Bangor, Maine for my first Air Force assignment after OTS and then a year in Navigation Training School. My career seemed to flash by as I was an air crew member, instructor, evaluator and staff member at bases in all corners of the United States, many countries and that included England, Spain, Saudi Arabia, Okinawa and a year in Thailand.  During my career I received 19 honors which included a Meritorious Service Medal, an Air Medal, four Commendation Medals, three Combat Readiness Medals and several other awards.

After retirement I worked on building a home near Augusta, Maine.  I drew up plans, coordinated and worked the next six years to complete the home where I continue to live.  I attended Unity College where I completed 39 credits in a Forestry degree program.  Also since retirement, I was employed as an adult education instructor, LL Bean customer service representative, carpenter, paralegal, substitute teacher and census taker.

I have also served on the town of China planning board, served as town meeting moderator and was chairman of the South China Fellowship Club.   I joined the Albion Lions Club and South China American Legion 179, and in Albion was back stage manager for the plays, ‘Oklahoma’ and ‘Sound of Music.’   Other civic involvement included: candidate for state representative in Maine, area coordinator for the Concord Coalition and volunteer naturalist for the Appalachian Mountain Club.

Over the last 25 years I have written from time to time.  Minor writings have been published in the ‘Town Line,’ ‘AMC Outdoors’ and the ‘Republican Journal’ (not political).  I have published two short books, ‘between Venus and Mars’ and ‘Eights Are Wild.’

Needless to say our world has become increasingly challenging.  With the complexities, both positive and negative, I need to reach out with progressive ideas and actions.  As my message reaches across our (great, always has been) country, I ask you to join me in my campaign to become your next President.