Severe Weather

One of the gravest issues confronting us in the future, not the distant future but the immediate future and ongoing, is the result of severe weather.  Whether this is the result of ‘global warming’ or some other factor or factors, is not the issue.  The issue is what to do about this problem.  (And yes, I am a firm believer that global warming is happening.)  Regardless of the problem, we must take more action and it needs to be increased considerably.  Although understanding what is causing global warming is helpful to solve this problem, arguing about global warming is not helpful.  Three results of global warming are: the partial failure of the Oroville dam in California because of sudden and heavy rains in California; Both the arctic and antarctic icecaps are melting and sea level rise.  Some global warming results are immediate, some are causing long term effects.  All are important, all are significant!

Just a few of the results of severe weather are: loss of life and numerous injuries; expensive destruction of homes, businesses and infrastructure; insurance costs; emergency rescue; loss of work and increased stress.

What about solutions?  Some of the solutions can even be economically helpful rather than to just cause more expenses.  In general terms:

Jobs: Some examples would be the industries involving solar, wind, hydro and nuclear.   Many new jobs would be created.

Reduction in fossil fuels would: reduce pollution, both air and water; reduce medical expenses and save crude oil to be refined for priority products rather than transportation and heating.