Yes, we need rules, but there are times when we need to change or adjust them and the current immigration situation is one of those times.  Regardless of the entry circumstances of unregistered immigrants, we need to accept them and start over.  After a review (a vetting process) of those here without proper registration, we should accept those yet unregistered;  however, those who fail a vetting process and those who have committed serious crimes should be denied registration and be deported.

We need to keep families together rather than break them apart.  There are advantages to a ‘start over.’  Once registered, employers may hire them legally and start the process of ‘above the table’ payrolls.  Overall this whole situation surrounding payroll taxes, income tax, health care payments and health care benefits could benefit both our government and individuals.  Our government would receive taxes normally owed of workers and workers would receive benefits that current citizens have.

This is not just a problem of Republicans, Democrats or any other party, but I will add this thought which I paraphrase this way.  In 1992, Pat Buchanan apparently called on Republicans to value jobs and communities over profits.  We want to be a country of greatness, but yes, let’s also be a country of empathy!

We have a problem concerning unregistered immigrants in our country, let’s do something about it in a positive way!