Heath Care

The continuing issue of Affordable Care Act repeal (and replace, maybe) is again a focus.  If there would be a change, maybe it’s time to have a solution for Americans to have a new, improved system that gives us comprehensive health care for AS MANY PEOPLE AS POSSIBLE AT A REASONABLE COST.  Would at least 90% of Americans want such a solution?  Certainly!  I do feel that the ACA (Obamacare) has been at least a viable success but let’s deal with the problem of future health care with a positive solution.  Call it what you want, but a health care system for all could be the best answer.

Additionally, a single payer health care system could be that answer, but regardless we should not have health programs, old or new, that do not include all people.  What do we need?  Coverage for all including; preventative screening, necessary treatment (prescriptions and/or medical procedures) and follow-up. If those are the basic needs, how do we pay for it?

How DO we pay for it?  Let’s be realistic: there are thoughts about a huge military spending increase.  Rather than a cycle of fluctuating military budget which is not as efficient as a steady growth of funding, consider reducing a recommended $54B ($54,000,000,000.00-!!!!!) for the military—use some of that for health care.  Concurrently, there are tax issues under consideration also and tax reform IS needed.  Right out of Bernie Sanders ‘book’—figuratively and literally—consider a progressive tax from those who can afford it.  And yes, having those who are rich beyond their wildest dreams and large corporations who receive tax relief and loopholes, also beyond their wildest dreams, is where the money is.  They have the money and they can easily afford it.  Some say that discretionary spending can pay for it; however, there simply is not enough money available for the comprehensive health care program that we, all the people, need.