Gun Safety

President Kennedy insisted that the US would send a man to the Moon by the end of the 1960s.  His advisers said it couldn’t be done but we now know that it could and was.  This success is part of his legacy.  Moving forward with the daunting issue of GUN SAFETY, by 2020, can President Trump have a solution for gun safety for his legacy?

There are seven major proponents concerning the issue of gun safety.  1. All persons living in the US,  2. Within that total–the most vulnerable, the students,  3. Those who sell guns,  4. Gun owners,  5. Among gun owners–the NRA,  6. The Congress and  7. The President.

To live together peacefully and without fear, we must all co-operate. This is in all respects but the issue of gun safety is a priority topic.  We all have rights, along with rights we also have responsibilities.  For example, we all have the right to have and drive a car.  (When we become a certain age and pass a test for a driving license, a person can drive a vehicle.)  But, with that right, we are confined by laws to provide responsibility.  We should have laws to provide responsibilities about guns also.  Persons should be willing to compromise about guns, gun safety and gun ownership.  Those concerned about gun safety, whether gun owners or not, have concerns including the right to live peacefully and not have to worry about gun users.  Those who are gun users have the same rights but since they are the users, they bear the burden of responsible gun use.  (For instance, I am a gun owner.  When I use my shotgun for small game, I can load all five shells; however, when I hunt migratory game, I put the plug in and use only three shells, as required.  Would I prefer to carry five shells without the plug? yes, but I follow the law.  This just a small example of responsibility.)

Going back to the seven proponents.  1. All persons should be able to live in peace.  2. Within those, students especially should be afforded the same feeling.  Learning is hard enough but in a chaotic, fearful atmosphere, it becomes even harder.  In addition, we should want our children, our future, to grow, learn and evolve in an atmosphere that provides quality of life.  3. & 4. Those who sell, buy or own guns should do so responsibly, this includes all activity regarding background checks.  5. The NRA should promote an attitude of sound responsibility towards the whole gun issue.  Please remember that the NRA only represents a small minority of people in our country but could play a very important role in promoting gun safety.  In this way , they could join the majority in regard to guns and gun safety.  6. The Congress should review present laws regarding guns, make changes as needed and propose new legislation about both rights and responsibilities regarding gun ownership.  7. Finally, the President should actively promote the positive attitudes, clarification of rights and laws that are so clearly needed.  Then, he should sign such legislation into law.

Because the whole issue of gun safety is so important, we should risk the possibility of doing too much rather than not enough. Then, if the pendulum swings too far in either direction, make necessary adjustments.