This is my list also

Everyone is Equal-
Elections Reflect the Will of the People-
Diversity is Celebrated-
Women are in Charge of their Bodies &Choices-
Black Lives Matter-
Muslims live without Fear-
All are Welcome-
Girls are taught their Value-
All Women are Respected-
Brown is Beautiful-
Culture is Pride-
Knowledge is Power-
Racism is Dead-
Young men can Look up to their Leaders-
People with Disabilities are treated w/ Dignity-
Sexual Assult is Not a Joke-
We see all Immigrants-
Being a Woman is Not a Pre-existing Condition-
Science is Real-
There are No Alternatives to Fact-
The Environment Matters-
The Police Protect the Public-
Speech is Free-
There are No Walls-
Anything Except the Truth is a Lie-
Climate Change is a Fact with No Alternative-
People are Not Divided-
The First Amendment is Not Endangered-
Everyone is Entitled to their Opinion-
Healthcare is Not a Privilege-
Public Education is Protected-
Every Person Deserves Respect-
Love is Love-
Hate is neither Accepted Nor Tolerated-
Elected Officials Serve the Will of the People-

-Jessica Ruddy