After watching the open sessions of the Attorney General Sessions and former FBI Director Comey, I certainly have opinions about both. I would like to share them with others but they are all in the context of in my opinion as afforded to me and all citizens by our First Amendment.

Many times AG Sessions was vague, had selective memory and refused to answer questions. His reference to a hither unknown policy regarding conversations with the President is just not credible.

Overall, I find AG Sessions not credible and that is a sad state of affairs when some doubt his integrity.

On the other hand Jim Comey was not vague, did not have selective memory and did not refuse to answer questions appropriate in a public session.

Comey was forthright about information which was made available to the public prior to the hearing and it was appropriate to do so. Similar to a whistleblower, he needed to inform us, We the People.

Overall regarding Jim Comey, I come to the conclusion that he is credible.

I realize that my statements can be questioned, but they are my opinions.

Realize that there is another context to what I have said. To my knowledge at this point there are two citizens who have filed for candidacy for President in 2020. I am one of those persons. I realize that stating my opinion about such a contentious issue is a considerable political risk; however, I do this regardless. We, both as private citizens and especially as political candidates, have the obligation to be clear with our fellow citizens. If I can be of service to my country in this way, I did, and will continue to do so. I believe in transparency and integrity in both, We the People, and the government it serves.