According to an article on the USA TODAY NETWORK, It costs our government (actually of course, us) on the average of $10,845 to deport an undocumented immigrant as of September 30, 2016.  However, “…when Kumar Kibble, deputy director of ICE under former Department of Homeland Security secretary Janet Napolitano, testified before a House subcommittee focused on immigration policy. He told lawmakers it cost ICE ‘approximately $12,500 to arrest, detain, and remove an individual from the United States.’ ” Whichever figure is used, THAT’S A LOT OF MONEY!

As a candidate, President Trump promised to deport all 11 million unauthorized immigrants in the U.S. Consider how much that would cost! 11 million, 11,000,000 x $12,500 = $137,000,000,000, or in other terms, $137 billion.

All that money wasted to deport persons who are contributing to our country in so many ways. Most have jobs, most pay taxes. Those are just the financial aspects. Think about the sharing of their culture. We, the present Americans, are not the end all of the world, we are just one aspect, one country among many in our world. We can learn from immigrants as they share their skills, language, interests, history and at least one other very important factor. Some may not like what I mention next, but we should realize how much our gene pool is improved by diversity. We need to embrace our differences and not divide our country with outmoded prejudices

Of recent, President Trump has proposed 2 million for deportation. So again, 2 million, 2,000,000 x $12,500 = $25 billion, or $25,000,000,000. Look at all those zeros, all to deport fellow human beings from our country.

However, this issue is NOT all about money! The more important factor is about the people. So many of these are ‘DACA’ persons and other innocent victims. These persons need relief from being torn from their families, many were exempt from deportation and being separated from the only world they grew up to know. 

Where is the empathy, the humanity of these unwarranted deportations? If I were President, I would work tirelessly to alleviate this situation!